Terms of Service

The conditions relating to the account creation, use and deposit and withdrawal conditions.

General introduction and definitions

The present terms and conditions ( “Terms and Conditions”) govern the use of games, which are provided on belonging to Play7777 casino licensed by Play7777 Casino (the “Websites”) in their current version. For the purposes of these terms and conditions “we” or “they” made “us” in Play7777 Casino and with the words or “the Player” on the player reference with the words. The present terms and conditions also apply to related mobile platforms and other platforms that are used by you. “Games” refers to casino games and other games that are each set to the sites. We reserve the right, in its sole discretion to adjust games to the sites and remove them.

1.1 Play7777 is property of Lucky World Ltd. and # 1668 / JAZ is under the gaming license operated issued for WOG Network N.V. (# 136508 @ Dr. M.J. Hugenholtzweg Z / N UTS Gebouw, Curacao) and regulated by the Curacao eGaming in the Netherlands Antilles. Payments are on the Lucky World Ltd. (# C72574 @ Room 1, Level 2, Palazzo Ca ‘Brugnera, Valley Road, Birkirkara, BKR9024, Malta) processed.

1.2 “Play7777 Conditions” are the terms and conditions that reflect the legal relationships described herein and rules, and with which agree the parties listed here.

1.3 A “customer” is an individual or a company (in certain cases and with the consent of Play7777), represented by a legal representative, between the / and the Play7777 a contractual relationship exists.

1.4 A “Play7777 Account” is an account of a customer for bona fide transactions, with the aim to have a normal relationship with Play7777 and betting with the strict intention and perform other gambling transactions.

1.5 The “Contract” describes the contractual relationship between the customer and Play7777 that is created and governed by the Terms and Conditions Play7777 in the “Terms and Conditions”. All offered services and registrations on the website and all bets accepted by Play7777 subject to these terms and conditions. Play7777 reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice. Any reference to the “Conditions” means the “Terms and Conditions” in this document.

1.6 The government authorities are the authorities of Curacao.

1.7 The “Applicable Law” is the law of Curacao.

1.8 The “Place of performance of the contract” is Malta.

1.9 The “tax liability” refers to the special tax claims for betting in Malta.

1.10 The “Internet” is the Internet gateway, are published on the website accessible, where all current and relevant information on the activities of Play7777.

1:11 A “Card” refers to all types of cards with the function of “payment”, “charge”, “debit”, “credit”, “virtual” and / or the like.

1:12 A “payment service provider” is an intermediary, which is acting as paying agent.

1:13 A “financial institution” is a bank and / or other institution by Financial Services Act or the like.

14.1 “Application” describes the Web browser application, which is opened by the clients to use the services.

1.15 “Services” means the betting and gaming offers Play7777 to the client through the website.

1:16 “Force majeure” means any event or condition beyond its reasonable control, which leads to a delay or failure of performance of the contractual obligation of the parties concerned and includes for the purpose of Play7777 Conditions a following: Force majeure (natural disasters), governmental restrictions ( including refusal or revocation of necessary approval, a denial or cancellation through no fault of the affected party takes place), wars, insurrections and / or any other cause beyond the control of the party whose performance is affected.

1.17Alle trademarks, service marks and trade names, as well as images, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies (collectively “Intellectual Property”) on the website, the client application and the included materials are the exclusive property of Play7777 and / or the suppliers and partners of Play7777 , The customer is not entitled to intellectual property for whatever purpose, to use to the extent permitted by law.

Rules for Member Account

2.1 A person who is registered for a registration, guarantees and assures that all details given on the form of the truth. Play7777 will not register the person and if the person is already registered will Play7777 unregister the person, if it is found that this has given false information during registration as a player. The full name, home address and telephone number must be truthful and be verifiable.

You are over 18 years age and have reached the minimum age legally applicable in your country of residence and that you are authorized under the laws applicable to you, to participate in the games offered on the websites; It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that betting and wagering as well as all other activities and actions are legal in their country. The customer understands and accepts that the Play7777 cannot give any legal advice or assurances and that it is his sole responsibility to ensure that games being played are legal at all times within the laws of his country. Any participation in the games is at the sole discretion and risk of the customer.

Important note: name, username and currency can not be changed after the account creation.

In order for the client to withdraw cash, cancel any initial constraints and can make use of promotions, the account must first be verified. For the account verification Play7777 requires the following:

The identity card of the customer for an age verification (players are under eighteen (18) years are not accepted).
The residence of the customer (A statement indicating the specified landline phone number)
A valid e-mail address of the customer (may not be identical to the one already registered customers)
A proof of ownership, on the specified payment method.
If the customer changes his / her home address, phone number or any other part of his / her data, he / she is obliged to do so immediately notified to the company so that the data can be updated.

2.2 A person who registers for an account Play7777, acknowledges and accepts:

All operations described in “Terms and Conditions” definitions and terms;
the “Conditions” that are currently published on the website as well as any possible changes in the future;
that all people need to be kept up to date;
that is the “place of contract” and Malta
that the contract
published by Play7777 in English Conditions subject;
subject to all take place occasionally changes the regulations and other decisions, the authorities;
and the current law of the place of the Treaty.
Play7777 accepts no responsibility for the users of the services of the company and for those who viewed the online gambling live in a legal system totally or partially restricts or illegal.
2.3 Play7777 reserves at its sole discretion at any time the right:

reject the creation of a Play7777 account and / or to close an existing account Play7777 without any explanation;
Without any explanation reject deposits or limit payments;
to terminate the account of a customer and / or to block a customer’s participation in promotions, competitions or other services if Play7777 has legitimate concerns that the account for illegal, fraudulent or dishonest practices used or was.
to hold funds belonging to customers in accordance with generally accepted guidelines for cash management and to manage. This may also affect payment service, which has been instructed to hold funds on behalf of clients and / or its benefits.
to forfeit balances on an account or confiscate and / or to refuse to pay out a profit if has been violated directly or indirectly against the “Conditions” and / or have been unauthorized activity during competitive game and / or the use of Play7777 account. This applies to all cases described in the context of a Play7777 account and / or the relevant profits.
to terminate the participation of a customer and / or cancel and / or to forfeit balances on the account and / or confiscate if it is proved that the customer is cheating or is found by the company that the customer has a system created or used, (including machines, robots, computers, software and any other automated systems) which is adapted or used to circumvent the customer application and / or the software of the service provider;
All commissions or cost of the payment method the customer, for all previous deposits and withdrawals plus all administrative and legal costs whatsoever, incurred by the customer, for any reason to hold, or to calculate when Play7777 is of the opinion that there are legitimate concerns are that an account for illegal, fraudulent or dishonest practices being used or was.
In case of any refund to the customer in relation to the above mentioned cases, the maximum amount is limited to the last deposit minus the deposit and withdrawal fees.
2.4 Play7777 does not accept customers who:

Younger than 18 or younger than the permitted age, are for the legal gambling under the law that governs the customer (seniority will be recognized);
Citizens of the United States of America and other US territories or Curacao are;
Legal persons who are engaged in within the Play7777 group or working on behalf of. This includes directly or indirectly employed people of Luckyworld Ltd or Play7777 third party;
Professional Weather, betting syndicates, distributors and professional athletes and players who live in to make use of “insider information” use.
guaranteed 2.5 Play7777 and secure at all times:

Funds to manage customers in a safe and appropriate manner;
to assume the tax liability for bets according to the power law of Malta and pay;
personal information of a customer in accordance with applicable laws, privacy policy and manage the like;
to protect the privacy and personal data and to release to refuse this, unless the supervisor of the senior authorities requires this.
2.6 The Company assumes no responsibility for betting tax or taxes levied by the local authorities responsible for the residence of the customer. Such levies or taxes should be borne by the customer. If the customer refuses to pay these amounts to the company is not liable.

2.7 A Play7777 account is held and managed, which is determined jointly by the client and Play7777 in one currency. All amounts relating to the bets and winnings are shown with the currency symbol, to which has been agreed beforehand. calculated Play7777 and pays all monetary matters according to current exchange rates of recognized financial institutions. Minor differences between the agreed amounts and the amounts shown may occur due to variations between the exchange rates.

2.8 A Play7777 account be credited with any interest. Even if an account is for some reason always locked, the customer does not create any claims to interest until the release of his / her balance.

2.9 A customer is responsible to the company for damages caused by fraudulent actions responsible. In such a case, the Company is entitled to inform the authorities in the country of residence of the customer and to bring an action for fraud. All personal customer data may be published and distributed in order to prevent further damage by fraud.

2:10 Only one Play7777 account can be opened per person, household, IP address or email address. Otherwise, we suggest that:

a customer has several accounts opened (by the same or similar names, addresses, telephone number, e-mail, the same or similar IP address, computer or other equipment to be used);
a customer operates as part of a syndicate (by the same or similar names, addresses, telephone number, e-mail, the same or a similar IP address, computer or other equipment to be used and will be operated in the same or similar model);
Play7777 reserves the right to terminate the respective accounts of the customer or syndicate and the incidents to be reported to the competent authorities. After an internal investigation Play7777 has the right to cancel bets to withhold winnings and withdraw all bonuses of the relevant accounts.

Play7777 also reserves the right to combine all funds of surplus Play7777 accounts in a Play7777 accounts and delete the remaining accounts. Disbursed bonuses supernumerary Play7777 accounts are not transferred.

2:11 Play7777 throws no withdrawals from the account until the identity, age, home address and all customer data were successfully verified.

2:12 All claims regarding a transaction in conjunction with a Play7777 account must should to and / or from the date on which take place Play7777 within 6 months a transaction, payment and / or payment, shall be communicated, otherwise Play7777 reserves the right to private front discretion not to consider the claim.

2:13 Any legal claim or dispute under or in connection with the Agreement, should be settled with the law of the contract of the corresponding place consistently. In the event of a dispute, it is advisable that the Account Owner, the complaint to the Play7777 performs customer service and uses the contact information on the website. The parties should do their utmost for it to reach an amicable settlement within a reasonable time.

2:14 The customer may not share with third parties his / her credentials. The client alone is responsible for the storage of its user data in the browser settings, which might lead to a common use of the account. The customer assumes full responsibility for the consequences that from such a situation may arise, without prejudice to the generality of any other agreements and the information contained herein compensations, and ensures and confirms that Play7777 no responsibility for damages that an activity caused by such, wearing. Any losses incurred will not be reimbursed by Play7777 and we are in this case in no way responsible. In this regard, we strongly encourage you to read the Privacy Policy together with these Terms and Conditions.

2:15 A “Dormant Account” is a Play7777 account that in the last 12 months no login or logout activities were recorded. In the case of an inactive account Play7777 will inform the customer via e-mail that he / she has provided during registration on remaining funds in the account. If this notification does not lead to success, Play7777 reserves the right to retain all of the issued and bonuses to calculate a minimum amount of 5 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies for each following month as an administrative fee. Once the account reaches the zero state, the company reserves the right to close the account, with the proviso that no demands on Play7777 for subsequent transfers are made.

2.16 The Play7777 website operates with the use of cookies for the following purposes:

In order to detect the preferred language of the customer, so it is automatically set when the customer returns to Play7777;
To ensure that bets used by the customer to match the betting slip the customer and account.
To ensure that the customer gets credited granted him bonuses.
For the analysis of website traffic from Play7777 perform to improve. Please note that it is not possible to use the website without cookies.
Deposits & Payments

3.1 Deposits to and withdrawals from a Play7777 account must always be done by a financial institution or payment service provider. Procedures, conditions, availability, and processing times for Deposits / Withdrawals may temporarily vary due to differences in countries or financial institutions. All deposits made at Play7777 may be a product of illegal or criminal activity. Any attempt to add funds for the purpose of money laundering is prohibited.

3.2 Play7777 will carry no payments from a Play7777 account until the identity, age and home address of the customer is verified.

3.3 Play7777 may appoint a payment service provider in order to receive payments, to hold funds and to manage and / or to make payments on behalf of Play7777.

3.4 Play7777 does not accept payments that are sent directly to Play7777 or a payment service provider.

3.5 A customer may make deposits with only his / her personal credit card or his / her e-wallet account or the account of another financial institution. A customer can not pay with a credit card or an account that belongs to another person.

3.6 Play7777 does not accept bets from customers unless a Play7777 account on behalf of the customer will be opened and this Play7777 account contains sufficient funds to pay the amount of the bet or the amount of the bet is provided by an approved method.

3.7 Play7777 does not affect the customer amounts.

3.8 All winnings will be the customer attributed by Play7777 account. Under the original deposit withdrawals are taken by Play7777 account with the same payment method that was used for the original deposit. For example, if a deposit is made with a credit card, is a part of the profit corresponding to the original deposit, paid on the same credit card, the balance of the amount can be paid with another payment method (this is subject to the discretion of the company ). Payouts are paid only to credit cards, bank accounts or e-wallet accounts, which are managed on behalf of customers and are limited to twenty thousand euro per winnings from one deposit. but Play7777 reserves in its sole discretion the right to use an alternative payment method for disbursement.

3.9 If a customer wants to previously lift the Play7777 account paid money but since the deposit no bets in the casino or completed for sporting events, Play7777 reserves the right to the payment to an account other than the one that was used for the deposit, to refuse if Play7777 suspects a fraud or money laundering.

3:10 Play7777 reserves the right as indicated on the website to charge processing fees for withdrawals.

dispense 3:11 betting via the Internet may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which the customer is located and / or resident; if this is the case, the customer is not entitled to use a credit card to make deposits.

3:12 Play7777, as regulators or all regulatory authorities can block any transactions to prevent money laundering. All suspicious transactions are detected by Play7777, be reported to the appropriate authorities.

3:13 We reserve the right to determine minimum withdrawal amounts for different payment methods that are communicated to customers from time to time by the area “payout information” on the website. If the customer wants a lower amount than the minimum amount, we can the customer a discretionary fee, depending on the selected payment method, calculate. We also reserve the right to ask for a higher fee for withdrawals into account.

3:14 In the case of a payment wish we reserve the right to set a minimum and maximum amount for each customer. In such a case the customer will receive his / her winnings up to six (6) equal monthly installments.

3.15 The company can customers who act in the name or to get on professional betting with the aim of affiliate commission play, partially or completely refuse payouts, especially if the betting pattern shows that it serves to damage the company financially.

3:16 In addition to any bonus or promotion conditions, the customer must have at least once implemented its deposit in order to provide the application for payment. Any incorrect payments must immediately the company will be announced, should these defects deposit will be playing at an incorrect payment, the customer still declared as valid and correct.

Standard rules for Promotions

4.1 The conditions contained in this document (Standard Promotional Terms) apply to all on this website promotions offered and together with any specific conditions for promotions, which are also referred to as “keywords”, which are recorded in the relevant section of the website (Specific Promotional Terms) constitute a legal agreement between you and Play7777 and can only be modified with our consent. By participating in a promotion, you automatically agree with the rules.

4.2 You should read these standard rules for promotions and any specific promotion rules before you participate in a promotion.

4.3 In the event of any conflict between the standard rules for promotions and the specific promotion rules, the specific promotion rules, followed by the standard provisions prevail. This applies only until conflicts or inconsistencies were clarified.

4.4 Play7777 can start from occasional promotions that (bonuses in the form of real money or another form of price), raffles, contests, sweepstakes, leagues, tournaments or other type of promotion or a combination can have this in the form of bonuses. The type of promotion is described in the relevant Web landing pages in detail in the notifications (such as emails, computer pop-ups and letters) and.

4.5 For all Promotions, the organizer is the company with which you have concluded a contract under the terms and conditions (as specified in paragraph 1).

4.6 The period by the respective promotion will be valid (promotional period) is specified in the applicable specific promotion rules. Each promotion ends on the Action time, from this point to participate is no longer possible. If no action time is specified, the promotion will end when it is set on the platform.

4.7 Unless otherwise specified, participation in promotions to a person in the family, household, address or organization to which Play7777 sends the promotion is limited. Play7777 reserves the right to limit participation in promotions for players that meet certain selection criteria. If a promotion allowed the participation of several players to Play7777 reserves in its sole discretion, to restrict the number of participants.

4.8 Unless otherwise stated, the promotion is only intended for the addressed recipient or category of recipients and can not be transferred. If you are not the addressed recipient or be in the group of recipients, the offer is null and void.

4.9 In order to participate in a promotion, you must:

(A) eighteen (18) years or older, or reached the minimum age in your country, state or province have;
(B) are located in the country or who are citizens of the country, if the promotion only, as stated in the specific promotion rules for certain players is valid, the nationals of a particular country possess and / or located in that country;
(C) have successfully registered on the website and in accordance with the Conditions of a Play7777 created account with real money;
(D) all other eligibility criteria which are specified in the standard provisions for promotions, meet, with respect to the general categories for Promotions and the applicable specific promotion rules.
4:10 In order to participate in a promotion that is intended for new players or which “new registration” (or similar) is advertised as an offer “new player” or, you may have previously not Play7777 opened account and paid in this money. Such promotions can not be used in conjunction with other offers.

4:11 The identity of a subscriber action is determined by the following information or any combination of name, address, email address, credit / payment / debit card number, IP address and if necessary other forms of identification. We reserve the right to request additional information about you if you want to participate in a promotion.

4.12 Participation in any Promotion is voluntary.

4:13 To participate in a Promotion, you should use the information provided for each promotion, the relevant section of the website and necessary follow if the applied specific promotion rules.

4:14 If the specific promotion rules otherwise specified, participation in promotions is limited to one time.

4.15 Under some Promotions certain release requirements or withdrawal restrictions must be satisfied before a bonus used, can be played or lifted with this. This can also apply as a condition for receipt of a prize or participation in competitions, contests, leagues or tournaments. Such additional restrictions or requirements are described or referenced in the applicable specific promotion rules. You can use your bonus obtained by sports events stand out only by a Play7777 account if you have met associated with this bonus offer wagering. All bonuses must be used with a ratio of 1.80 or higher. For multiple bets you need to tap at least 3 events on a single betting slip, which must have a minimum ratio of 1.8 each.

4:16 In case you withdraw money with which you have received a bonus but not the applicable release requirements, Auszahlbeschränkungen or general criteria have met, forfeit the entire bonus and the ensuing gains and Play7777 is entitled to deduct this amount from your Play7777 Account ,

4:17 If it is necessary for a promotion, a specific number of games, rounds or bets to play / dispense, matches, rounds or bets will be at tournament tables (unless the Promotion is a tournament) or play money tables does not count, unless this is in the specific provisions indicated.

4:18 In accordance with paragraph 4.15, except in the specific promotion rules specified otherwise, all real money bonuses to Play7777 accounts of eligible players within seven (7) days of entering the Promotion will be credited.

4:19 Your use of a real cash bonus is subject to an investigation by Play7777 for any irregular playing patterns. To ensure fair play and the proper use of bonuses, Play7777 Betting considered with zero-margin, standardized betting, zero risk bets or hedge betting as irregular games to take advantage of bonuses. Other examples of irregular game play include but are not limited to: (i) to put fifty percent or more of the bonus to a single or multiple bets on a single game, a single hand or lap, the ability to create a balance and the game pattern significantly to change (insert, game types, bet structures etc) in order to achieve the bonus release request; deliver (ii) large bets to a big win occurs, and then the stakes suddenly to reduce up to seventy-five percent or more to the bonus release request has been reached; (Iii) if we have a good faith belief that use of the bonus Play7777 in good faith in order to improve your gaming experience (z. B. after the adoption of the bonus while playing until the minimum bet is reached and the money then lift). If Play7777 believes that irregular game play has occurred, Play7777 reserves the right to you to make any payments of money and / or winnings that you have achieved by the bonus withhold.

4:20 executives, directors, employees, consultants, or agents of Play7777, parent companies or affiliates or respective suppliers and providers of these (including of advertising, printing and advertising agencies) or any officers, directors, employees, consultants, or agents associated with organizations of all promotions, or relatives of the above persons; “Related” includes but is not limited to: spouse, partner, child or sibling and any person who lives in the same household of the foregoing persons.

4:21 If participates an unauthorized customer in a promotion to Play7777 reserves the right to demand unaffected other rights given under the terms and conditions, a refund of any bonuses, payments, awards or prizes from the customer’s account.

4:22 Play7777 reserves in its sole discretion the right to any player who cheats or who tampers or attempts the entry process on a program to manipulate, for violating his behavior against the rules or the relevant promotions or players in its reasonable discretion Play7777 or other our Group companies could discredit, disqualify.

4:23 Play7777 reserves the right not to pay a price or to demand repayment if the winner, in accordance with applicable law, no authority is to maintain this (it is always assumed that the individual winner’s responsibility to ensure, that he / she may receive a prize) or if we have reason to disqualify the winner in accordance with clause 22.4.

4:24 If a customer plays along in a competition, tournament or a league and, from whatever reason, is to not decide to participate in the next round or is unable to attend, even though he / she has qualified to the customer his / is give up their place and is therefore no longer entitled to win a prize for the next or the final round.

4:25 Each permission can win a prize can not be transferred.

4:26 The winner is solely responsible for the use of the prize. Except as expressly described in this standard provisions for Promotiones, no other representations, warranties or other terms of the company are asserted. There are no other conditions between Play7777 and any other person in connection with a price, including without limitation to the conditions for the suitability, reliability, satisfactory quality, or any other implied conditions regardless of which Play7777 excludes until extent permitted by law.

4:27 In the case of a draw the winner will be randomly selected from all members who have correctly registered for the draw. It is made in terms of gender, age, geographic location, playing time as a registered client of the selected category or Play7777 no favoritism.

4:28 The draw will be carried out as follows:

(A) Each output entry for the draw of a legitimate customer is randomly arranged table in a Microsoft Excel and presented with a random unique ticket number, from 1 to the number of complete entries (each a “Unique ID”);
(B) The random number generator of Microsoft Excel is used to the individual winners IDs to determine in accordance with the number of winners of the draw;
(C) The “Auslosungs judge” is the marketing manager or any other person who has the right to act in this case;
(D) The draw will take place at the headquarters of Play7777 is executed from Auslosungs judges and supervised by a member of the legal department of the company.
4:29 By participating in a promotion in which customers can win a prize or participation in a competition, tournament or a league in which he / she can successfully progress to a second or subsequent round, the customer agrees in to cooperate all advertising and marketing activities, which created Play7777 at their own expense or organized. The customer also accepts (a) to provide for any provided by Play7777 brand clothing or other clothing; and (b) if desired to sign an irrevocable exemption, which the company allows the customer’s name, photos, pictures, details about the country and the city by the customer is located, all opinions to him / her or by him / her, to use for free and to use this information for any audio or video recordings broadcasts for promotions in all media throughout the world.

4:30 If the customer participates in a by Play7777 organized or planned event or a promotion, he said / they make and agree not to use branding or advertising by third parties, which Play7777 sees as a competitor, including without limitation all game companies , In case of non-compliance with this requirement is Play7777 reserves the right not to award the prize or to request a return.

4:31 With respect to each submission or registration which the customer makes for promotion, it guarantees / her that the relevant material / is be completely their own work and the intellectual property rights of other persons not injured. The Customer undertakes all rights (including intellectual property rights) to transfer this material (if moral rights exist, the customer to waive this obligation) and agrees to sign all documents and do everything they need to make the company the law receives this material freely to use and exploit.

4:32 If more than one real money bonus or accidentally an overpayment is made to Play7777 reserves the right to demand any other rights or prejudice rules, the excess real cash bonus or the overpayment of the Play7777 account back.

4:33 Play7777 reserves the right, a promotion or a part of this, with or without notice, for reasons including but not limited to, errors in the printing, production or sales in a promotion or the website or errors in the preparation of promotion which could affect the results, the number of participants or the value of profits, modify, suspend or terminate.

4:34 The terms and conditions may be amended by Play7777 any time, by posting them on the relevant pages of the website. Play7777 recommends the page for standard regulations for promotions visit regularly. If you continue to participate in a Promotion, you accept any revised terms.

4:35 If translated into a language other than English, these standard terms for promotions or any applicable specific promotional terms, the English version shall prevail in case of discrepancies.

General rules for Casino, Live Casino and Games

6.1.1 The casino games are provided by the following services Play7777:

Net Entertainmentt
evolution Gaming
Bally Wulff
All bets placed at the casino, respectively, depending on the supplier of the game in which the bet is completed, submitted to the provider’s servers. Play7777 is licensed to represent the casino games, advertise and promote. Play7777 gets custody and charged amounts with respect to the account holder for the purpose of transactions and payments with the CASINO.

6.1.2 Play7777 accepts and acknowledges liability for transactions carried out, obtained from and / or with the Casino exclusively for funds, custody and / or paid to / from a Play7777 Account in conjunction with arrangement with the Casino games provider on.

6.1.3 All casino games are very trustworthy and be checked by the authorities to prevent possible hacking action. But technology gaps that are not associated with our company, has given users the ability to exploit these vulnerabilities. Irregular gains or betting patterns are examined and Play7777 reserves the right to confiscate any winnings made under such patterns.

6.1.4 casino games run, in favor of the customer on a low profit margin. In addition, bonuses are issued that the profit margin of the company further reduced. If bonus rules were misspelled or omitted and this is exploited by a client alone or as a syndicate with the intention of fraud to Play7777 reserves the right to profits under such a situation, to confiscate.

6.1.5 You hereby agree that if you win a jackpot worth 10,000 EUR or more (or the equivalent of another currency) in a game of Play7777, the profit will be paid only if the casino provider confirms this and accepted.

6.1.6 Play7777 has assured the jackpot with the casino service provider, so all winnings are paid out by the global pool. has to avoid any confusion, the customer will be paid his winnings get once the casino providers the amount of Play7777 sent.

6.1.7 The minimum casino bet is € 0.01. But some casino games have a higher minimum bet than 0.10 €.

6.1.8 Access to some games may be restricted.

6.1.9 Play7777 accepts no liability for any dispute relating to the intellectual property of the casino games rights.

6.1.10 Rules for each game can be found in the specific area of the game.

6.2 Live Casino Rules

6.2.1 The live casino games are provided by the following services Play7777:

evolution Gaming
All bets placed in the Live Casino are each, depending on the supplier of the game in which the bet is completed, submitted to the servers of the providers listed above. Play7777 is of the providers listed above entitled the Live Casino Games to represent, promote and market and to obtain amounts related to an account holder and for the purpose of transactions and payments in the Live Casino and pay.

6.2.2 The Live Casino is a stand-alone service. It is not managed by Play7777 and / or controlled.

6.2.3 Play7777 accepts and recognizes the liability for transactions that are performed by and / or with the Casino and exclusively held for Play7777 amounts and / or to / from a Play7777 account verification, and will in accordance with the agreement between the company the live casino games providers.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Welcome Bonus

Minimum deposit is € 20. For your first deposit we will give you a welcome bonus up to a maximum of 500 €.
This promotion is only valid for new customers
The new customer bonus when Play7777 is for the first deposit and only once per customer and / or per household / computer.
General Bonus Terms & Conditions

Bonuses unless otherwise highlighted by Play7777, limited to one person per household / computer.
Bonuses are granted only to new deposits.
a bonus offer is valid per day. The bonus offer with the best conditions will be credited to your game balance.
Multiple registrations are not permitted. Play7777 reserves the right to withhold winnings and bonuses from re legally established accounts, and resolve all other accounts and to provide a match ban.
Bonuses can be deactivated as desired. For this, please contact customer service.
Credited bonuses are valid up to 4 weeks, unless otherwise specified. The casino reserves the right to all of the remaining bonuses and resulting profits are accrued during the validity period and were not availed to cancel after the deadline specified.
All deposit bonuses of Play7777 be the player’s account automatically credited and redeemed first.
Table games, live casino games and jackpots games and the following slot games: Champion Of The Track, Lucky Angler, Big Bang, aliens, Devil’s Delight, Relic Raiders, Robin Hood, The Wishmaster, Eggomatic, Scrooged, Dead or Alive and Tower Quest will not be added to the minimum bet.
When in claim acquisition of his bonus the bonus must excl. Of have been deposited amount converted 25 times before a withdrawal request can be made.
Initiate a payment before reaching the minimum wagering requirements, your bonus and winnings will be void.
The granting of bonuses is entirely at the discretion of Play7777.
Play7777 reserves the right to change bonus promotions at its discretion, terminate, reclaim or refuse.

The following countries are not able to take a no deposit bonus: Poland, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, Australia.

Whilst playing with a bonus you will not be able or allowed to play the following games: Koi Princess, Double Dragons, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Blood Suckers, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Game of Thrones (15 lines), Spring Break, Ladies Nite, Eye of the Kraken, Tower Quest, Lucky Angler, Big Bang, Forsaken Kingdom, The Wish Master, Scrooge, Devil’s Delight, Champion of the Track, Robin Hood – Shifting Riches, Pearls of India, Royal Masquerade, Tomb Raider 2, Castle Builder, Untamed Bengal Tiger, Untamed Giant Panda, Untamed Wolf Pack, Kings of Chicago and Untamed Crowned Eagle.


  1. Only mulitbets with minimum odds of 2.00 contribute to rollover.
  2. The bonus must be used within 90 days from the entitlement, otherwise forfeited the bonus amount and any winnings associated.
  3. The amount by which each bet contributes to fulfill the rollover requirements, is 50%. For example, for a € 100 bet is the amount at which the bet contributes to fulfill the rollover requirements, 50 €. A bet of € 100 carries ie € 50 at. Several bets on the same event and in the same range are considered as a bonus manipulation.
  4. Play7777 promotions can change at any time without notice, cancel, revoke or refuse.
  5. Play7777 can members restrict or deny permission to participate in this or any other promotion.
  6. A maximum payout of 50,000 euros per ticket for Betting.
  7. These terms and conditions are part of the general terms and conditions of Play7777.

If a player has an active bonus and wins more than twice the value of the bonus amount, they must stay playing in a game of similar or equal weighting until wagering has been completed. Moving from low weighted games like Blackjack, to high weighted games like slots, after a large win, for the sole purpose of completing wagering requirements, will result in the bonus and any winnings being removed.

Special Daily Bonus

When the daily bonus is higher then 50.01% the wagering requirements are 35x and the max. bonus amount is 200 EUR

No Deposit Bonus

If you get a No Deposit Bonus the maximum Payout will be 50€ and the playthru is 100x.

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